Come Dance With Me

‘Come Dance With Me’ is an interactive video installation, which aims to define musical developments of rhythms in dance (club) culture, and the styles that evolve around them (codes of dress, style and attitude). It does this through portraits of people who represent different musical genres. The installation allows for intuitive physical interaction by offering other input devises than the conventional ones, such as mouse, keyboard etc.

The DNCE machine is a video and audio installation, in a small room with a dance floor and two screens. The installation invites the user to ‘select a dancer’ (touch screen) and then ‘dance with him’ (dance floor + large projection screen). The dancer is a real size video image, which faces the user, the only way to interact and navigate through the video dancer is to dance with him/her . If the user is inactive the dancer will demand a reaction, if the user moves, the dancer will become excited and show their gratitude by performing special ‘moves’.






Nirit Peled
Marco Christis
Ivor Dekker
Dave Hemminga
Ron Granot
Malvin Wix
Hans Fox
Michiel De Vreede
Mijndert Hoogendoorn

Neeltje, Glen, Ebisse, Uri, Eyan,
Mahelia, Anja, Nike, Jefferson, Elvira.

Thanks to,
Amsterdam Arts Fund
and the Tropenmuseum.